Coldplay - Amsterdam Sessions 2000

At its first performance outside of the U.K., Coldplay plays an intimate, understated set — approximately one month before the release of its smash “Parachutes” debut album in June 2000. It’s a rare, valuable look at the band moments before it became a global phenomenon.

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Billy Strings
"Watch It Fall" Billy Strings - Live at Red Rocks

Billy Strings captures the tone of 2020 while playing “Watch It Fall” from his Grammy-winning “Home” album to an empty Red Rocks Amphitheatre. 

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Shake Appeal

From their formative days as the Psychedelic Stooges to their evolution into a ruthless live band in the late ‘60s, the Stooges tread unconventional musical, social and cultural paths. But after the group’s groundbreaking albums commercially stiff, the quartet implodes. Three decades later, vocalist Iggy Pop reunites with the Asheton brothers and, with bassist Mike Watt in tow, the Stooges reap long-deserved rewards and make a new LP, “The Weirdness.” 

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