Raw Power
Collection Contents: 1 Film, 2 Stories, 2 Gatefolds, 1 Playlist
Plug Me In
Plug Me In

An unprecedented journey through AC/DC’s experiences as a live band — starting at its inception and carrying through its tours in the early 2000s — “Plug Me In” chronicles the group’s Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras. Loaded with rare and thrilling performances drawn from the vaults of film and TV studios, record labels and fans, it is the definitive archival AC/DC document.

About This Collection

Often pigeonholed as crude and crass, AC/DC claims a discipline, consistency and trajectory rare in popular-music history. Guided by cofounders Malcolm and Angus Young, the Australian band focuses on riff-driven rock ’n’ roll that transcends trends and thrives across multiple eras (and vocalists). Its distinctive sound and approach turn AC/DC into one of the most successful groups and concert draws in the world.

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