Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who

Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who

This epic documentary portrays the story of rock legends The Who in unrivaled detail. Spanning four decades of the band’s explosive history, and including interviews with the members as well as other musicians and industry professionals, it features rare archival material and concert footage from the group’s beginnings through its rise to stardom.

Smashing the Pretty Things

Smashed guitars. Detonated drums. Deafening volumes. Trashed hotels. Volatile conflicts. Emerging from the scarred wreckage of post-WWII Britain, The Who sets the pace for it all, making era-defining music whose anti-Establishment sentiments, sonic violence and virtuosic playing influence generations — and establish the template for punk.

In this Collection


Why the Punks Loved The Who

Simon Townshend — brother of The Who’s Pete Townshend — is flipping the bird. In the film “The Who: Six Quick Ones,” he’s demonstrating on an acoustic guitar how his sibling voices chords by “taking out the pretty part.” As he works the frets, the middle finger on his left hand pops up. The rude gesture isn’t intentional, but it’s nonetheless an apt means of expressing how The Who’s music must have sounded when it came blasting out of the U.K. in the mid-‘60s. The “pretty parts” often got smashed. 


Who’s Who in The Who

Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon and John Entwistle each get their props in The Who documentaries “Amazing Journey” and “Six Quick Ones.” All agree that the band’s personalities couldn’t have been more disparate, but somehow they made era-changing music together. The films offer insights into their backgrounds and how they were able to click.


The Who Timeline: Highs, Lows, Fights and Explosions

With a history that spans more than 60 years, The Who has seen and been through it all. Here’s a detailed look at the band’s high and low points, and many of the significant developments and events in between.


The Who Fan Club

The Who influenced countless bands and artists with its groundbreaking sonics and ambitious songwriting, perfecting everything from the three-minute single to the rock opera. The band’s acolytes span generations, including the following:


The Who: Six Quick Ones

Comprised of six parts designed as mini-documentaries, and anchored by rare performance footage and revealing interviews, this film provides in-depth profiles of The Who's original members and a look at the band's trademark elements.

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