Radiohead - From the Basement
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Radiohead - From the Basement

Complemented by a brass section and percussionist, Radiohead reinterprets its then-newly released “The King of Limbs” album in an intense, revealing performance filmed in 2011 for Nigel Godrich’s “From the Basement” series.

Reinvention and Mutation

After setting a new rock standard with the much-copied “OK Computer” LP, Radiohead begins a pattern of detours. The experimental process is evident in the band’s ongoing collaborations with ambitious producer-musician Nigel Godrich, whose “From the Basement” series affords Radiohead a unique opportunity to reinvent “The King of Limbs.”

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Radiohead Reinvents

Let’s face it: For many bands the standard for concert performance is to essentially replicate the album they’ve just made. Not so for Radiohead. Indeed, not only has the quintet tasked itself lately with reinventing its studio creations for the stage, it has frequently made a compelling case to reassess the original work. Albums that were initially deemed “insular,” “claustrophobic,” “chilly” or “brittle” at first listen took on new colors in concert.


Filling the ‘black hole’ of Music Television

Though hardly an ideal medium for presenting live music, television nonetheless once presented the most expedient means for bands to present a fuller picture of what they could do for a large audience. 


Hmmm, That Multiplatinum Band Sounds Familiar

Who says nice guys always finish last? In 1998-2004, the British charts shifted from the swaggering Britpop of the Oasis era and the stomping rave soundtrack shaped by Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers to a more finessed brand of guitar rock, anthemic yet somehow fragile.


Nigel Godrich: The Coda Collection Interview

Producer-engineer Nigel Godrich discusses his groundbreaking "From the Basement" performance series; working with artists in and outside the studio; and collaborating with Radiohead during an extensive interview with Greg Kot. A Coda Collection exclusive.


Nigel the Nihilist

It’s only fitting that Nigel Godrich began his career as a soon-to-be recording-studio luminary in the company of one: John Leckie, an architect of cutting-edge British rock from the late ‘70s through the mid-‘90s. 


Godrich on New Radiohead Side Project: ‘It’s not a rock record’

Besides his long-standing relationship with Radiohead, producer Nigel Godrich has been enlisted by other artists to helm albums, including Paul McCartney, Beck, Gnarls Barkley, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Air. In addition, he’s produced and played on Thom Yorke side projects including the solo album “Eraser,” Atoms for Peace (with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea) and the new group Smile that also includes Jonny Greenwood and British jazz drummer Thomas Skinner.

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