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Rialto Theatre 1972 Rehearsals
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Rialto Theatre 1972 Rehearsals

In May 1972, the same month their double album “Exile on Main St.” was released, the Rolling Stones decamped to the Rialto Theatre in Switzerland to stage club rehearsals for an upcoming tour. Loose, intimate and uninhibited, this performance offers a distinctive snapshot of the band’s interplay and chemistry.

Woodshedding Stones

The Rolling Stones’ caravan of rogues had few moments of down time in the first few months of 1972. They were finishing up a new double-album, “Exile on Main St.,” in Los Angeles after recording sessions in France the previous summer. They were doing legal battle with their former manager, Allen Klein, over the release of a couple of albums, including the hits collection “Hot Rocks 1964-1971.” And they were gearing up for a massive tour of North America, their first in the States since their epic ’69 jaunt ended in chaos and death at Altamont.

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