Soul to Soul
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Soul to Soul

In March 1971, dozens of African-American musicians travelled from NYC to Ghana to perform at the Soul to Soul concert. Ultimately, the journey was about their personal roots, ancestral homeland and history. Featuring Wilson Pickett, Staple Singers, Ike & Tina Turner and more, this documentary captures the story of Black American souls connecting with Black West African souls through musi

From America to Africa

Held to celebrate Ghana’s independence and showcase Western soul, gospel, rock and jazz by the likes of Wilson Pickett, the Staple Singers, Santana and more, Africa’s Soul to Soul festival transcends music by impacting its performers and audience in profound ways. The effects ripple across the artists’ senses of identity, place and purpose.

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‘Soul to Soul’ and Harsh Truths in the ‘Motherland’

The DC-8 bound for West Africa carried a company of American soul, gospel, rock and jazz greats, including Wilson Pickett, Ike and Tina Turner, Santana, Roberta Flack, the Staple Singers, Eddie Harris and Les McCann. A Hammond B3 organ and a Leslie amplifier were packed into first-class because the luggage hold was at capacity. The passenger section was so thick with laughter and pot smoke that one passenger later quipped, “That plane could’ve flown itself.”


How ‘The Wicked Pickett’ Galvanized Ghana

When Wilson Pickett arrived at the airport in Accra to headline the Soul to Soul festival, he was greeted by a sea of Ghanaians loudly chanting his name. As his fans flocked to him, the singer was offered a swig of the local corn-made gin, took a sip, then reeled backward and pretended to collapse amid raucous laughter. Several days before the concert, the man known as the “Wicked Pickett” for his combustible performances on and off stage was already putting on a show.


Prince on Seeing Mavis Staples in 'Soul to Soul': 'I thought, this is my mother'

“Soul to Soul” is the documentary that keeps on giving. A generation after the 1971 movie was shown in theaters, it had a transforming effect on Prince.


Santana’s Latin Rock Inspired a New Music Scene in Africa

If there was a right-band-arriving-at-the-right-time performance at the 1971 Soul to Soul concert in Ghana, it was by Carlos Santana and his namesake group.

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