The Marquee Club Live in 1971
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The Marquee Club Live in 1971

Originally filmed for television and staged just weeks before the release of “Sticky Fingers,” this Rolling Stones 1971 club show functions as an indispensable document of guitarist Mick Taylor’s impact on the band. Having joined in the summer of 1969, his playing serves as a key component of then-new material such as “Brown Sugar” and the rarely performed “I Got the Blues.”

Farewell, England; Hello, ‘Exile’

In March 1971, the Rolling Stones had no time to lose. For the love of money, the band’s five core members needed to blow out of England before the new tax year began April 1. The band members were all deeply in debt to the government, which was charging them at the country’s 90 percent rate for the highest income brackets. In a matter of days, they would become tax exiles to avoid another major hit to their wallets. 

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