The White Stripes - From the Basement
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The White Stripes - From the Basement

On tour in support of “Get Behind Me Satan” in 2005, the White Stripes perform on Nigel Godrich’s “From the Basement” series. Focused on exacting details and visual touches, the duo play a thrilling set that captures their essence — and that of weird, brilliant American music.

Attending to the Smallest Details

During the late ‘90s in Detroit, the White Stripes build a repertoire and reputation staked on minimalist rock, primal sounds, colorful motifs and bizarre mythology. To the band’s surprise, its gritty music finds a large audience, and soon, Jack and Meg White are trailblazers — and part of a vital continuum that includes bold individualists and extraordinary co-ed duos.

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Ferocious Ultra-Minimalists

Though the White Stripes earned a place beside the Strokes as the most successful band to emerge from the garage revival of the early 2000s, casual listeners often made a few big mistakes when assessing the music of Jack and Meg White, beyond the fact that they had been husband and wife, not brother and sister as was once rumored. Taped in 2005, the Detroit duo’s set for Nigel Godrich’s “From the Basement” performance showcase gives us a welcome chance to set the record straight.


‘When they’re yelling at us, that really gets me going’

When the White Stripes played the Bowery Ballroom, one of New York City's better rock venues, on June 16, 2001, I went on assignment from “Blender” magazine to review the show — with the proviso that I include some quotes from the duo. Jack and Meg White were touring in anticipation of the release of their breakthrough third studio album, “White Blood Cells.” So though they were popular enough to pack a good-sized club, they were not yet stars with a million-selling record.


Growing Up in Public with the White Stripes

As he prepared to tear into "Jimmy the Exploder" during the White Stripes' first-ever live appearance — July 14, 1997 during an open-mic night at Detroit's venerable and now-shuttered Gold Dollar — Jack White asked permission to "allow us to bore you for a couple more, here." As if boring was even part of the equation — or would ever be. 


Undeniable Co-ed Duos

Male-female duos have made extraordinary music over the decades. In honor of our White Stripes “From the Basement” set, featuring drummer Meg White and singer-guitarist Jack White, we celebrate some of the best co-ed combos in the history of rock, pop, soul, hip-hop and country.

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