Story To Tell

Join Fake Shore Drive’s Andrew Barber as he sits with some of the biggest names in hip-hop for discussions reviewing the past and present. Each installment includes a video interview, written editorial and a playlist highlighting the artist’s career.

Paul Wall

Host Andrew Barber sits down with Houston DJ-rapper-entrepreneur Paul Wall. They discuss his dues-paying origins and rise as a DJ; his pioneering involvement with grillz; his status as a white rapper; his humble attitude and ambition; his hometown’s culture; and much more.

DJ Paul

Host Andrew Barber sits down with Three 6 Mafia member and illustrious producer DJ Paul. They talk about the rap legend’s multifaceted career; his group’s visionary music and style; his independent label; his relationship with his hometown of Memphis, TN; and much more.


Andrew Barber sits down with Curren$y to talk about his nearly two-decade career, including his early period with Master P and Lil Wayne, his rise during the Blog Era, his experience as an independent artist and more.

The Cool Kids

Andrew Barber sits down with the Cool Kids for an in-depth conversation that delves into the influential duo’s beginnings, grassroots-driven rise, cutting-edge music, pioneering fashion, future plans and much more.

Freddie Gibbs

Andrew Barber sits down with Freddie Gibbs to talk about the untold stories surrounding his Grammy nomination, his relationship with Alchemist and Madlib, the ups and downs of being an independent artist and more.

Lupe Fiasco

Andrew Barber sits down with Lupe Fiasco to cover the untold stories spanning his career, including the early days, his transition from mixtape rapper to album artist, and much more.