Live at The Capitol Theatre 3.8.2023


Live at The Capitol Theatre 3.8.2023

The band came out firing on all cylinders for the first night with highlights that included the improvisational-heavy “All I Need,” a revival of “Jive II” for the first time after an extended gap, and multi-part jams in a stand out version of “Drive.”

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From Stage to Screen: Goose's Five Nights at the Capitol Theatre

Ryan Storm

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The legendary Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, has hosted legendary acts like the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, and more dating back to the 1970s. One of its latest bookings was Goose, a Connecticut quintet on a meteoric rise in the jam scene.

Having played the small Garcia’s bar within the larger theatre a handful of times in 2016 and 2017, Goose was ready to make the jump to the big room after an incredible 2022 that included two sold-out performances at Radio City Music Hall.

The five-show residency in March 2023 sold out quickly after the initial announcement and had speculation running wild among the fanbase – Goose had yet to perform more than two consecutive shows at a single venue, and many skeptics wondered if they had a deep enough musical catalogue to play five shows with no repeats.

Lo and behold, they did – performing 64 songs, including just five covers. Goose exceeded expectations, and the packed Capitol Theatre was ready and receptive each night from the first note to the last – a fact evident for the duration of each film available to watch via The Coda Collection.

After playing over 80 shows in 2022, Goose took the first two months of 2023 off, choosing the Cap as the perfect place to kick off their 7-week spring tour. These five shows set the tone for the rest of the year, introducing fans to new gear from all five members, an expanded lighting rig, and new, unique jamming styles. The time spent apart in relaxation allowed the quintet to return to the stage with fresh musical perspectives and ideas. 

The band was primed from the jump, unleashing a 20-minute rendition of “All I Need” early in the first set on March 8th, tapping into a wide palette of moods from minor to major key with practiced ease. The amazing bluesy breakdown in the middle lets fans watch the ecstatic grin on multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach’s face as he trades riffs with guitarist Rick Mitarotonda. Bassist Trevor Weekz is put on full display as his bombs rattle the foundation of your house during the deep, dark “Earthling or Alien?” jam.

The highlights of night one continue in the second set during the blissed-out “Wysteria Lane” jam – lighting designer Andrew Goedde paints the band in gorgeous shades of blue from his newly-expanded rig as they coast atop a bed of Anspach’s beautiful piano. The 28-minute “Drive” that comes later in the set is one of the finest jams of the year and one of the most energetic. You can watch the crowd’s energy peak again and again as Mitarotonda’s usually-short solo goes longer and longer because of the wild cheers. This would influence numerous versions of the song played later in the year to follow the same model.

March 9th saw the debut of new Mitarotonda ballad “Not Alone,” plus hugely expansive takes on jam classics “Tumble” and “Madhuvan” among two energetic sets. March 10th was highlighted by the beginning of the “Year of Thatch,” where the song began stretching beyond its boundaries into previously uncharted territory. Watch with your own eyes as the crowd goes wild for the song in just its sixth performance ever – it’s clear from their expressions that the band feels the magic too. “Lead Up” also debuted on night three, a song that has become a fan-favourite for its searing guitar solo and catchy hook.

On March 11th, Goose delivered a powerful second set with monstrous versions of “Hungersite” and “Arcadia” and debuted the third new song of the run – the Anspach-penned dance anthem “Feel It Now.” Another song that clearly hit just the right notes for the capacity crowd on first listen, 1800 dancing fans lit up the theatre with their energy.

Closing out the run without losing a drop of momentum, Goedde showed his incredible lighting skill during March 12th’s “Butter Rum” jam, matching the patiently undulating waves of synth with rainbows of light, giving a crazy space-age feel to the century-old Capitol Theatre.

While Goose has continued to tour and reach great heights throughout 2023, the five nights at the Cap stand as a momentous occasion and incredible shows that should be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. Witness every note of original music and jamming played by Goose exclusively on The Coda Collection Amazon Prime Video Channel. 7 Goose films are now streaming.

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