Rockfield’s Guest Book

Hundreds of artists have made the trek to Rockfield during the last 50-plus years. Though some failed to achieve critical or mainstream success, an incredibly diverse mix of musicians has recorded a wealth of memorable music at the studio. From Queen and the Pixies to Rush and Iggy Azalea, here’s a decade-by-decade look at the key artists and albums connected to Rockfield.


Bob Gendron has been obsessing over music, albums and audio ever since he landed a job at an indie record store at age 13. A longtime contributor to the Chicago Tribune and the first Associate Editorial Director at The Coda Collection, he was also the longtime Music Editor at The Absolute Sound and performed the same role at TONEAudio. Gendron is the author of “Gentlemen” (Bloomsbury) and a coauthor of “Nirvana: The Complete Illustrated History” (Voyageur). His writing has also appeared in DownBeat, Rolling Stone, Revolver and other outlets.

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